Prepare Your Child

The first important step of preschool is adjustment for your child. Your child may need to cope with separation anxiety from parents, and this may be difficult for both the parents and the child.

Prepare your child for school by talking about the specifics of what going to school will be like. For example, the names of teachers, the types of activities, what will be served for breakfast, what time you will say good-bye and when and who will pick him/her up. Encourage your child to go to teachers with questions or needs like going to the potty or needing a tissue. Help your child pick out clothes and show confidence and enthusiasm in the process.

Allow ample time in the morning to get ready for school and establish a routine. It is best for children to not be hurried so they have time to transition from home to school; transitions are very difficult for children of this age.

Your child should be ready to, if not already doing so, remove their own shoes and jackets and possibly put on their shoes and jackets independently. Provide your child with clothing that can easily be managed. Belts and accessories are not necessary as it hinders their confidence if they are not manageable to a preschooler. Also, teach your child bathroom hygiene, the importance of hand washing and teeth brushing.

Take time to say good bye. Before the first day, you should ask your child, “How should we say good bye? Do you want a hug or for me to kiss your hand?” Doing so will help your child understand that you will not be at school with him or her, but you will definitely be back to pick up.

“Free a child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.”