Wholesome Meals

We believe that nutritious meals must be a part of every child’s diet. Our family style meals are served on real, tempered glassware and dishware because we foster trust and perceive that every child is capable of handling such items. Meal time provides a great opportunity to nutrition education as well as grace and courtesy; saying “thank you,” “please,” “you’re welcome” and passing food to other children are the basics of good mannerism.

Homemade meals are prepared daily with many organic items on the menu. Certified organic milk is served daily with breakfast and lunch. Breakfast items may include hot and cold food such as Arabic rice pudding or pancakes with homemade organic berry compote. Lunch includes many soups and organic pasta dishes such as homemade chicken tortilla soup or beef and organic carrot fried rice.

Snack time is when we allow children to be more self-sufficient. Children are always more interested if they are allowed to prepare what they will eat and may even eat more. Snack preparation is done by the children on a child-sized table with child-sized utensils. Children are welcomed to set the table with a placemat, pour drinks into their cups and prepare the snack of the day. This may include cutting their own bananas, hulling their own strawberries or spreading their jam or butter on toast or crackers.

Creative Montessori Preschool offers three wholesome meals each day; breakfast, lunch and snack from different ethnic cuisines introduce children to a variety of tastes and experiences.

Bambini Montessori School offers two wholesome meals each day; breakfast and snack.