Our Schools

Step inside any one of our schools and you will be in a beautiful, harmonious environment full of Montessori materials, and child-sized furnishings. Our schools are built and designed to offer every child an environment allowing them freedom to move around gracefully while making individual choices and decisions. Children make their own choices to work at the tables or on mats where they are naturally comfortable.

As a part of our Montessori curriculum of caring for our environment, all children and teachers at our schools change into their indoor shoes as they arrive and enter their classrooms. The emphasis on respecting our surroundings is a way we teach our children to keep our classrooms clean and quiet so their minds are focused and free from distractions as much as possible.

“When interested, a child becomes self-motivated. Self-motivation leads to becoming self-disciplined. When self-disciplined, a child engages in a process of mastery learning and develops his or her potential.”